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Those who wander
are not always lost
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19th-Oct-2011 09:45 pm - livin' la vida loca
MISC [super]
Holy shit this semester. I'm gonna bullet point this.
- I'm over loading on credits this semester. Ironically, life-span development is my favorite course right now. I put off taking it so long, I just added it for the creds, but I legit love it.
- Midterms for the next 2 weeks. Two on Friday. So, so many flashcard around me right now. It's like a little, neon colored sea of academia.
- Occupy Boston. Holy shit. Like, holy fucking shit. Nobody saw the Occupy movement coming. Three months ago I was sitting around with socialists whining about how slow coming the revolution is. I feel like I've been moving non-stop since 9/17, jumping from event to event, protest/rally/march/sit-in to protest/rally/march/sit-in. It's been fabulous.
- My roommate never does dishes and thinks Smallville is the best show ever. Somehow we still get along, although we're going to have to jump this dishes hurdle soon because shit is getting ridic.
- I work ~15 hours a week. We're putting together a big exhibit. It's giving everyone ulcers. To lighten the mood, I put on Jackson 5 in the workroom at every opportunity.
- Just found a kick ass 90s station on 8tracks.com. The cover is a picture of Mr. Feeny and includes Steal My Sunshine (ur argument is invalid). I'm such a 90s baby.
- Walking Dead is the best even though it gives me batshit zombie dreams.
- Life good, that's all I got.
7th-Sep-2011 12:22 am - it's a love fest
MISC [kiss kiss]

We Love the Women Fandom Hates Fest | 9/9-9/16

Basically claim a female character (at this point I think they've all been subject to fandom hate) and for each day of the designated week, post something related to your claim. I love the idea, but I haven't made a claim yet. I can't decide on a character! THEY'RE ALL SO WONDERFUL AND DESERVE LOVE AND PUPPIES.
9th-Aug-2011 08:32 pm - iron man in japan, hoshit
HEROES [with a fist is better than none]
I just started watching the new Marvel Anime series because I really had nothing better to do. Turns out there is nothing better than the Iron Man anime. Why? Because ADRIAN FUCKING PASDAR voices Tony Stark.


And for some reason plotty reason that I don't yet comprehend, they share screen time. IT'S ALMOST LIKE HAVING MY OTP BACK TOGETHER AGAIN. I'm honestly trying not to wet myself in excitement.
X-MEN: FC [for the tiniest moment]
It's a list kind of evening.

- GF got a paying job. This is a good thing, she can start contributing to rent again. So, fuck yeah! Gainful employment. But it also means she has to go to work. Over the past two days I've spent more time with just me myself and I than I have in the past 1 1/2 months combined. Luckily I have ice cream and beer to keep me company.

- And the internet, I've got that too. I just spent forevah skimming texts from Xavier Academy. It's loltastic and I am easily amused.

- I ship Charles/Alex. IDEK, IT'S JUST A THING I LIKE. I feel like I'm working on every possible kink meme prompt for them. The kink meme just needs more variety, okay? 

- Also, Charles/Raven.

- Charles is my fandom bicycle, at least as far as First Class is concerned. It's the grandpa sweaters he wears, that's the only reasonable explanation for this.

- I've rediscovered my love of Day One. I am a firm believer that music should make you lol. 
5th-Jun-2011 01:23 pm - Hello lover, don't forget me
MISC [super]
Yesterday was my b-day, the big 2-1.

I went and watched X-Men: First Class and then got very, very drunk. And now I'm drinking ginger tea in my pjs because while I'm not hung over, my body has been more happy with me about other things.

But onto the squee. CHARLES/ERIK. GET IT, GET IT. Spoilers ahead!Collapse )
30th-May-2011 01:10 am - Writer's Block: Going boldly
MISC [fast enough so we can fly away]
If you could be any Star Trek character, who would you be, and why?

I'd totally be TOS Spock. Psychological turmoil stemming from years of conflict in my tiny biracial heart? Was totally my bag for the first 18-20 years of life. Emotional stunted and a complete inability to effectually communicate my feelings? Ohhh yeah.

Me and Spock are totally peas in a pod and not necessarily in the best way. Although we've also got that sarcastic, I-will-cut-you thing going on and that's pretty freakin' sweet. Spock's a follower not a leader, like me (and not a bad trait, I don't think). Smart, cool headed and able to cope in a crisis. I want him on my team during dodgeball. So maybe it's not so bad identifying solely with the half Vulcan, half human freakazoid :D.
5th-May-2011 10:32 pm - i'm in love with judas
MISC [super]
Norman Reedus is in Gaga's new video. Let me repeat that: NORMAN REEDUS IS IN GAGA'S NEW VIDEO. Norman fucking Reedus, there are hearts in my eyes right now.

For those of you that don't want to actually watch the full thing/my own amusement, I give you Reedus caps!Collapse )
5th-May-2011 12:20 am - with a pocket full of shells
MILK [up on my soap box]
Tomorrow is the last day of my junior year of college. Wat is this?

Sometimes I really don't know where all that time went. And then I look at the stack of textbooks sitting next to the activism notebooks, sitting next to the daily planner at the foot of my bed and go, 'Oh yea, that's where.'

So... Osama Bin Laden got keeled. I know I'm late to the boat, it just took a few days for me to process and not be drowsy all the time (I caught a wicked bad cold this week, bad timing? I think so). I live in Boston and after Obama's speech between 12:00-12:30 a crowd of people conjugated outside in Kenmore Square chanting "U-S-A!" Eventually they started to move and I swear, there were at least 1,000 people. They marched up Comm Ave and toward the Boston Common. I read in the paper Monday that about 4,000 eventually met and rallied in the Common.

Now, I haven't tried to dictate what I think peoples' responses should be or chastise others for their reactions. I don't know these peoples lives or their connection. I don't know where they're coming from, only where they ended up, and that's cool. To each their own.

But personally seeing those people and hearing them cheer was kind of terrifying. I didn't think the march would turn violent, police cruisers were just sort of following along at a respectful distance. But the proceedings still deeply disturbed me. Extreme shows of nationalism and jingoism freak me the fuck out. Obama's speech, freaked me the fuck out. Yeah, American can do whatever is wants, except ends its multiple wars and afford care and civil liberties to the people within its borders.

An event like this, so politically and symbolically significant within the scope of the Afghan War should have created the space for open dialogue about the potential for change in U.S. foreign policy and our involvement in multiple wars. Instead the public and media discourse and Obama's words since the fact have effectively shut down communication. It is evident now that we will in fact STAY THE COURSE and have even started looking at Pakistan as a potential enemy ~officially now (since we've been drone attacking the shit out of them for the last 2+ years). 

No, I don't feel safer now, if anything I feel more uncertain and unsafe than I did just a week ago.

Articles of interest:
Bin Laden, Obama and the Democrats: shameless together, from Feministing
- Cheering for war and empire, from Socialist Worker
Millions Dead, Trillions Gone—This Is Justice?, by Sherry Wolf
MISC [rawr]
Last week I started watching The Borgias on Showtime. I've always had a soft spot for historical fiction. I never got into The Tudors because I was too familiar with the history and couldn't stand the glorification of Henry VIII as anything but a chauvinist douchebag.

But with The Borgias I don't know the history, so I can't yet poke holes in that aspect and somehow that gives me a sense of peace. I'm content to look at these people as characters in a tv show, not rl historical figures. Enough of my rationalization, though, on with the good, the bad and the ugly.

Entire post devoted to The Borgias. And angry talk of rape within context of the show.Collapse )
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